Symmetry theme hints and tips

Symmetry theme hints and tips

The Symmetry theme includes a number of features which aren't covered in the theme settings. Read on to find out how to take advantage of these hidden opportunities...

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Collection Filtering

You can filter collections by adding tags to your products. These tags will show up in an expandable row under the title 'Filter', on the collection page.

There is also a more advanced way of setting these up in our Symmetry theme. You can group your tags, resulting in a more organised filtering layout. The method lets you name your groups however you like, and lets you have as many groups, or tags, as you like.

This will look more like (notice Colour / Size set up as two groups):

Symmetry theme support image - Collection filtering

The way to do this is to add tags in the format:

[meta-filter] - [Tag group name] - [Tag]

E.g. 'meta-filter-Colour-Green' or 'meta-filter-Size-Large'

Once entered, they will look a little like this:

Symmetry theme support image - Collection filtering

Key things to remember about this:

  • You can have any punctuation you like in the group/tag name, except for commas and hyphens. Spaces are fine.
  • If you still have tags that don't begin with 'meta-', then these will show in the 'Filter' list of tags.

As of theme version 1.2.7 (check the top of theme.liquid to check which version you have) - there is now a way to sort tags as well!

You might this useful if you have S/M/L/XL - when sorted alphabetically, this comes out as L/M/S/XL.

What you have to do is use another hyphenated segment - after the category name. If you add another segment, this one will be used for alphabetical sorting of the tags - and nothing else. So for the S/M/L/XL dilemma, you would use the tags:


And these would all show in the right order on your store!

Creating vertical navigation lists

You can have a menu with numerous vertical columns of links, like this:

Symmetry theme support image - Vertical navigation

To explain how this is set up, we have our main menu - with Men, Women, Collections, etc.

We then created a dropdown menu under Men, containing the links Winter, Summer, Spring and Autumn.

We then create another dropdown menu underneath Winter, containing Jumpers, Hats, Scarves. Then similar menus for Summer, Spring and Autumn.

After doing this, all our links are in, but you have to click the heading to expand the links underneath.

To make the list show vertically, instead of as an expanding row, you need to add the word "LISTED" to the Link List title - making sure it doesn't get into the handle! Example:

Symmetry theme support image - Vertical navigation
If you end up with a handle like 'winter-listed', just delete '-listed'. That's it! Any links inside this link list will now be shown vertically, instead of horizontally after-click.

Suzie Swift
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