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How do I set up my navigation / menu ?

To learn about navigation and menus in Shopify, please click here. In addition to standard drop down menus, the Canopy theme also includes the option for a full width mega-menu, additional footer menus and a sidebar on the collection page, please see this article for more information.

Does it support Instagram?

Yes! You can add a stream of your own instagram feed, or a tagged curation of images, direct from the theme settings.

Does the theme support variant images?

Yes! You can have your images swap when selecting variants, as described here.

Can I add additional fonts?

Yes, but you would likely need to hire a developer to custom write code for your store.

How do I add a favicon to my theme?

Please see this Shopify article for adding your favicon.

Does the theme support related products?


Can I remove the powered by Shopify link from the footer?

Yes, this Shopify article explains how.

Can I add a contact form?

Yes. This will send an email containing the contact information to the store's owner. To use it, create a normal page, like you would for an About Us page, for your contact form. After creating and saving this page, you will see a new drop down appear to allow you to select the contact template for this page. 

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