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The latest versions of the Expression theme (4.0.0 or higher) support Sections so the layout of the theme settings will be a little different. Please see this Shopify article for more details. ​


For a quick way to get started with your theme settings, select a preset matching one of our four Expression demo stores. Applying a preset to your theme will overwrite your current theme settings.



Choose a background image or color for the main site background. On desktop and wider screens you can also highlight the central content area with a different color. 

Buttons, lines, text and navigation

Use the wealth of theme settings to choose colors for buttonstextlines and navigation.


Colors for the product image border and background help to provide a consistent layout if your image sizes are not identical.

The featured product tooltip background and text colors control two elements. Firstly, it determines the color for the featured product thumbnails text. Secondly, it controls the notice pop up that appears when you add an item to the cart if the setting "stay on the current page when an item is added to the cart" is enabled. 

Social icons

Select the background and icon color for your social icons shown in the footer and, if you wish, in the header too. Alternatively if you prefer to use the social providers' own brand colors, then select the option use brand colors for background


Customize virtually any text in your store by choosing from 22 handpicked fonts.


Set up your drop down navigation by following Shopify's guide here. If you have a lot of links you may find it useful to use the setting show search/cart info above navigation row.


Choose whether to show social media links in the header. 

If customer accounts are enabled then you can select whether to link to the customer account creation page in the header by selecting the option show 'Register' link in header

Help customers to navigate your store by choosing to show the breadcrumb navigation.


Show your own custom logo or simply your store name. Choose from left or center logo alignment.

Enter your custom logo width in pixels. If you have a high resolution/retina image, entering half of the actual image pixel size here will ensure your logo shows super sharp on high resolution displays. For example, you might have a 100x50px logo and also have a larger 200x100px version for high resolution screens. In this case, you would upload only the larger image, and enter 100 in this custom logo width input to shrink it down to size.



This sidebar shown on the left hand side of pages and blog articles. Choose which items to show. Please note, the sidebar on the homepage is managed separately in 'Home page - sidebar'

The options available are:

Cart summary
  • Shows items in the cart and the total value.
Featured image 1 and featured image 2 
  • We recommend using images 225px wide x 165px high. You can also specify the link URL and alt text.
Featured product thumbnails
  • Specify the collection and number of rows to show. Three thumbnails will be shown per row.
  • Select the blog and the number of articles to display. The blog article featured image, if one exists, and the first twenty words of your chosen blog article will be displayed followed by a link to the full article.
    Custom Snippet
    • The custom snippet enables you to add any HTML into the sidebar. For example, you can enter MAILCHIMP newsletter sign up code, Facebook connect code, Flickr widget code etc. The side-custom.liquid file is located in Theme Options → Edit HTML/CSS → Snippets
    • Select this option to show nothing in this slot.

    The theme includes the option to show newsletter sign-up in the footer. Support for MailChimp form integration is also included. This Shopify article explains more.

    Social media

    Use this section to show social media icons in the header and footer. There is also an option to show larger icons using the icon size setting.

    Home page


    Check the show sidebar option to display a sidebar instead of the first column of products on larger screens. The sidebar content sits underneath the products on small screens.


    Use the show slideshow and featured image row to determine whether the slideshow row is shown on the home page.

    By default, the row is split two thirds / one third between the slideshow and featured image. Select show full-width slideshow to hide the featured image and use the full page width for your slideshow.

    The theme includes the option to show content in the central area. Using this setting, you can display an entire page of content, which could be text, images or video.

    Home page - slideshow

    The theme supports 5 slides in a home page slideshow. We recommend the image size 630px wide x 305px high when the slideshow is beside a right-hand featured image or 960px wide x 305px high when it is full-width. However, your images can be greater or less than 305px high so long as they are a consistent size.

    There are 16 slideshow transition effects to choose from. You can also specify the time delay between slides and link URL and alt text

    Looking for royalty free stock photos? Try here:

    Stock Images

    The featured image is the large graphic to the right of the slideshow. It can be anything you like - perhaps an image with your latest discount deal, a link to your recipes page, or a big telephone number? Remember, in order for it to fit into the frame perfectly, it must be created at 305px wide and the same height as the slideshow images. Enter a link URL and alt text to describe the purpose of the image.  Our Oxford demo store uses this layout.

    Two rows of products can be displayed on the home page. 

    We recommend setting up custom collections for this purpose containing products that you want to feature on the home page. Remember, when using a sidebar on the home page, three products will be shown in a row, while four will be shown if there is no sidebar. 

    The featured products title text allows you to add a title for each row. If you are looking to show no titles for these rows you'll need to edit the text here and that in Customize Theme → Theme Options → Edit Language.

    Home page - sidebar

    The home page sidebar will show on the left hand side of the home page if selected in Customize Theme → Home page. Choose what content to show and specify the order.

    The options available are:

    Featured image 1 and featured image 2 

    Select your featured image in Customize Theme → Sidebar. The featured images on the homepage sidebar will not be shown on smaller screens.

    Welcome content

    This displays content from your selected page. A read more link will take the customer directly to the full page.


    Showcase a number of your most recent articles from the blog specified in Customize Theme → Sidebar. The first twenty words of your chosen blog article will be displayed below the article's featured image.

    Custom Snippet

    The custom snippet enables you to add any HTML into the sidebar. For example, you can enter MAILCHIMP newsletter sign up code, Facebook connect code, Flickr widget code etc. 

    The side-custom.liquid file is located in Theme Options → Edit HTML/CSS → Snippets


    Product page

    Customize the style of your variant and quantity selector and choose whether to highlight discounted products with a sale icon

    Recommended products

    Choose to show related products from the same collection on the product page.

    Related products on product page feature not included in version 3.4.0 (December 2015-June 2016)

    Show products from your chosen collection at the bottom of general pages to further publicize your products.

    Collection page

    Allow your customers to filter products using product tags by selecting the option show tags on collection page

    The setting show secondary image on thumbnail rollover shows the second product image when a customer hovers over the thumbnail. Use this creatively, to zoom-in, show the front/side of a dress or show a different angle. 

    Choose whether to show the text description under thumbnails or deselect this option for a cleaner look displaying only the product title and price.

    The show 'purchase' button on products with only one variant allows customers to purchase the product straight from the collections page. 

    Select the maximum number of products you want to show on each collection page - you can choose from 4 to 20, in multiples of 4. The theme automatically adds paging (eg. Page 1 of 3).

    Blog page

    You can also choose to show recommended products at the bottom of blogs and article pages. Feel free to change the title text using the options under Customize Theme > Theme Options > Edit Language.

    Cart page

    Choose whether customers should stay on the current page when an item is added to the cart or go straight to the cart page.

    Should you wish customers to be able to add a note to their order then select the option show notes input.

    Show featured products at the bottom of the cart page if the cart is empty to encourage your customers to make a purchase.

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