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The latest versions of the Symmetry theme (3.0 or higher) support Sections so the layout of the theme settings will be a little different. Please see this Shopify article for more details. ​


Choose from one of four Symmetry theme presets - Chantilly, Salt-Yard, Beatnik and Duke - to overwrite your current theme settings with those from our demo stores.


The Symmetry theme includes options for managing page content. Choose whether to use a lightbox for any images in text areas. Use the enable wide pages setting to increase page widths if you have a lot of page content. 

A key layout decision for the theme is whether to show a full-width home page or a full-width footer. Our Chantilly demo store uses a home page which is not full width, while our other demo stores all show the full width option.


A wealth of color settings allow you to choose the right color scheme for your brand. 

While the settings are fairly self-explanatory, it is worth noting that the checkout and keep shopping buttons use a reverse color palette to provide extra emphasis and a "call to action".


Choose from 22 hand picked fonts for text in your store.  The sizing will be automatically scaled from your base font size to achieve perfect proportions.  

When using overlay text on the home page slideshow, we've included an extra level of font size control using the setting home page slideshow font size. (This setting is not used for the slideshow text on mobile devices when the slideshow overlay is shown below the slideshow).



Choose whether to use a logo image or your store name in your header and set the logo position (for larger screens).

Enter your logo width in pixels. If you have a high resolution/retina image, entering half of the actual image pixel size here will ensure your logo shows super sharp on high resolution displays. For example, you might have a 100x50px logo and also have a larger 200x100px version for high resolution screens. In this case, you would upload only the larger image, and enter 100 in this logo width input to shrink it down to size.


Your header layout options include the ability to show the cart link as a button and to show a newsletter signup in the header as well as the footer.

If you have customer accounts enabled in your store checkout settings, then you can choose to show a 'Register' link in the main menu to take customers straight through to the account/register page. As with other text, the label 'Register' can be changed using the Shopify Languages Editor.

To help customers navigation around your collections quickly, the theme also includes the option to expand the navigation to the current page leaving the active menu tiers visible.

Tip: If some of your menu options are already expanded when you visit your homepage, this is just a simple set up issue - not a bug, and you won't need to alter any code to fix it. The likely problem here is that you have set the top menu items to link to your homepage. So when you visit the homepage, it intentionally expands these items. You need to set each of these top-level menu items to link to # - the hash/pound symbol.

Store messages

Store messages are displayed under the main menu and can be invaluable for promotions and notices. Select how many to show and whether they should be displayed on the home page only or on all pages. A separate store message text is provided for mobile devices. 

The Symmetry theme includes the option to use a miniature logo in the footer. The recommended size is 50 x 50px. This will only be shown if a logo image is also used in the header (Customize Theme → Header)

A newsletter sign-up is included in the footer and header. If you are using Mailchimp, this Shopify guide explains how to find your Mailchimp form action URL.

Show three advert images with links in your footer using the featured images settings. We recommend that images are 380 px wide and 220px high. 

Home page

The Symmetry theme has a flexible home page layout and allows you to choose what to display on your homepage and set the order.  The options are:

  • slideshow
  • content from a page
  • banner image
  • up to 3 featured product rows
  • a featured collection row
  • your most recent 3 blog postings

Looking for royalty free stock photos? Try here:

Stock Images

Home page - slideshow

    The home page slideshow supports up to 5 images with links, alt text and overlay text. The overlay text will be shown under the slideshow on smaller screens with the slideshow background color.  Colors for the overlay text, slide background and overlay background can be chosen in the Colors section. On mobile devices, overlay text will be shown under the slideshow.

    We recommend using images that are the same height and at least 1200px wide, for a fixed width homepage, or, at least 1600px wide for full width sites. You can choose whether to use a full or fixed width homepage using the setting Customize Theme → Layout → full-width home page.  Our Chantilly demo store uses a home page which is not full width, while our other demo stores all show the full width option.

    This row can be used to show an image or page content on your home page. 

    If using the page option, simple create a page with video, text or images then select your new page to show it on your store front. This Shopify article explains how to add a video to your pages in a responsive manner, so that it displays perfectly on all device sizes.

    Choose either full width page content or add in an image or page as additional content. This additional content will be shown on the left or right side of the page content in a one third width column.

    Home page - banner

    This row can be used to show an image such as a big advert on your homepage. You can also add a link, overlay text and choose the text position. 

    Home page - blog

    Show the 3 most recent articles from your chosen blog on the homepage. Use a blog excerpt to manage the amount of content shown. Select whether to also show the featured image from the blog article.

    Choose a collection of products to display on the homepage. To show your products in one scrollable row select enable carousel.

    It's worth noting that for performance reasons, a maximum of 20 products can be displayed in each featured product section on your home page.

    The number of product images shown per row will change dependent upon the screen size and your product thumbnail sizing. To control the size of your product thumbnails, head over to the Collections page theme settings.

    Show a row of collections on your homepage. Decide whether to show the collection name and product count and choose the overlay position. The information box overlay will use the standard button color settings.

    Product page

    Choose your preferred thumbnail and description position. Both can be beside or underneath the main image.

    The show 'See more (type)' setting helps customers to navigate your store as it allows you to show a link to other products of the same product type. This link will be shown at the top of the product page on smaller screens or right at the bottom of the page on mobile devices.  

    Vendor and product tags can also be shown on the product page if desired.

    Related products

    Show related products from the same collection on the product page.

    Please note, versions 2.0 to 2.0.8 inclusive (Jan-June 2016) do not include support for related products.

    Collection page

    Set the collection description position to be above or below the collection title.

    Product tags added to your products can be shown behind a "Filter+" toggle using the show tag filters setting. Tags can be useful to help customers find the product they want more quickly.

    Tip: The Symmetry theme also includes the option to create other filters, such as Color or Size, by grouping your tags using this specific product tag format (meta-filter) - (tag group name) - (tag) For example: 'meta-filter-Color-Green' or 'meta-filter-Size-Large'

    Allow customers to sort the results by showing a 'sort by' dropdown at the top of the collection page. Only show 'Featured' in sort by if you have chosen a manual sort order for your collections.

    As with the home page and other pages, with this theme you can choose a full-width layout or restricted width using the enable full-width product display setting. You can also set the number of products to show per page.

    The Symmetry theme offers you the flexibility to choose how to organize your products on the collection page. Select a grid or a list layout. You can even leave the decision open to your customers by selecting show toggle for grid and list views.

    Product thumbnails

    Enabling quick-buy allows shoppers to add items to the cart directly from a collection page or the homepage. In older versions of the theme you'll find this labelled in the theme settings as the "super slide down", a name which describes the smooth sliding behavior of the Symmetry quick buy.

    The image height setting affects product thumbnails on both the collection pages and the home page and will determine the size and number shown on each row. Alternatively, if you have product images of varying shapes, you may wish to select use a uniform width for product thumbnails.

    Use the title and price position setting to choose whether to show product thumbnail title and price on hover or under the image. On smaller screens the title and price will always be shown under the image.

    Product icons

    The Symmetry theme supports product icons or labels on the home and collection pages for on sale items, sold out items and items with a low inventory count. The low inventory icon will only be shown for products with a single variant.  The theme offers the option to choose the position of the label or to show no label at all using the icon location theme setting.

    There is only room for one to show at a time, so there is a priority in which these are shown. This is the order:

    1. Sale Shows if a product's compare at price is set higher than its actual price.
    2. X left in stock
    3. Sold out 
    4. Custom Choose your own text by giving your product a tag in the format: meta-label-YOUR LABEL TEXT! That's 'meta-label-' and your label text. Note that the text cannot contain a comma. Spaces, capitals, exclamation marks, etc, are all fine!
    So if the 'Sale' label is shown, this takes priority over all other labels.

    Blog page

    Choose whether to show your article featured image on the blog article page.

    Tip: to control what is shown on your blog page, you can use article excerpts.  Click on the Add excerpt link below your article content in Admin → Online Store → Blog Posts.

    Social media

    Use this section to manage social media links. Choose whether to display standard or large icons in the header or footer.

    Cart page

    Determine what should happen when a customer adds a product to the cart. Select drawer for a cart slide down at the top of the page. (Please note this drawer option will not be shown within the Theme Editor.) If you'd prefer customers to go straight to the cart page then select page instead. 

    Select whether to show a terms and conditions checkbox and link through to the relevant page. A shipping calculator option is also provided. 


    The theme includes Shopify's multi-currency functionality. Be sure to add in the required span class to your money formats following these instructions.

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