Theme highlights

Homepage slideshow

Customise the homepage slideshow with up to five feature slides. Each slide can link to any page or product you choose, and add your own titles to overlay the images! You can even turn this whole panel off if you don't need it.

Pages of content

Up to 3 different pages of content can be pulled into your homepage display. You can include images, text and video in pages to show exactly where you need it on your homepage, and activate / deactivate with a simple theme setting.

Parallax header backgrounds

This cool effect is part of the scrolling feature of the header. The different speeds create a sensation of depth and an interesting browsing experience. Choose up to 7 different header images for the various different page types.

Retina Images

High definition logo and product images for retina / hi-definition displays. Upload your stunning photographs and show off your products in crisp detail.

Several Styles Included

Choose from a selection of theme styles, to get you off the blocks with a great looking store. Organise your homepage rows any way you like, and change regularly for a fresh storefront.

SEO Friendly

Optimized product search listings using Google Rich Snippets and full integration of meta titles and descriptions to help maximise your search engine exposure.

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We offer a range of customization options, from store setups to additional features to fully customized themes.
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