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Canopy and Instagram's new API limits

Canopy and Instagram's new API limits

From 1st June 2016, some Canopy Instagram widgets have stopped working!

This is due to a change that Instagram have made to their service, now requiring authentication on all API calls, and restricting permissions for what we can do in our themes.

Going forward, you will only be able to show photos from your own account. If you use the tag-search feature, that will no longer work, and we will be unable to put this feature back in.

Versions of Canopy installed before 8th February 2016 (before version 1.2.0) will find that even showing photos from your own account will not work. Read on, if you wish to show photos from your account again.

If you have an older theme, the simplest way to get it working will be to download the most recent version of the theme, and use that. See Shopify's page regarding this process.

If that is not an option (perhaps you have extensive customisations to the theme code), then there is an option to modify your customised version of the theme to get it working again. Follow the three steps below to do so.

Don't forget to make a backup copy of your theme first, in case anything goes wrong.


In the template index.liquid (around line 198) you should find this long line of code, beginning with <div class="willstagram"...:

<div class="willstagram" {% if settings.homepage_insta_show == 'tag' %}data-tag="{{ settings.homepage_insta_tag }}"{% elsif settings.homepage_insta_show == 'user' %}data-user_id="{{ settings.homepage_insta_user_id }}"{% endif %} data-count="7"></div>

Replace this whole line with the following:

<div class="willstagram" data-access_token="YOUR_ACCESS_TOKEN" {% if settings.homepage_insta_show == 'tag' %}data-tag="{{ settings.homepage_insta_tag }}"{% elsif settings.homepage_insta_show == 'user' %}data-user_id="self"{% endif %} data-count="7"></div>


Get your access token here:


Replace YOUR_ACCESS_TOKEN (in the code above) with the token you get on that page.


Go into the 'Customize theme' page for your theme. Choose "From user ID" for the type of images to display in the Instagram widget. Enter the word self as your user ID, and it will figure out who you are.


That's it. You should find the feed will list photos from your profile again.

Will Broderick
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