Create a collections listing page

Create a collections listing page

All Shopify stores have the option to go to the /collections page to see an alphabetical list of all the collections in your store. But... 

Perhaps, you don't want to show all your collections? 

Or you wish to create new pages showing a smaller subset of collections and use this for navigation? 

These options are all possible by creating a collections listing page.  These custom collections listing page or pages can contain all collections (shown in a different order) or a subset of your collections.

  1. Go to Admin Online store Navigation and create a new menu to hold the list of all the collections you wish to display. The menu must only contain collection links.  Make a note of the menu handle.
  2. Then, create a new page, with exactly the same handle as the menu you made in step 1.
  3. Change the page to use the page template to 'page.list-collections', and save the page.
  4. Go back to Online Store → Navigation and add a link to the new collections listing page to your Main Menu or wherever you would like it to show in your store navigation.

Using tag filters in your menus to limit the products shown won't work with this feature - those filtering tags will just be ignored.


    The Expression theme does not support a custom collections listing page.
    The Canopy theme does support a custom collections listing page but uses a different layout where the collection featured image is not shown


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