What size should my images be?

What size should my images be?

If there is one question that we are asked more often than any other, it's "How big should I make my images?"

Short answer: As big as you can, and as consistent as you can*
(*for your product images)

Image sizing, image aspect ratios and proportions seem to confuse more store owners than any other issue.

We all know that a picture can tell a thousand words and that good images can transform your store, after all it's the only way an on-line customer can see what they are buying, so what size should your images be?

Product images

Your product images can be any size up to 2048 by 2048 pixels, or 4.2 megapixels. A good guideline size for product images is 1024 by 1024 pixels. They don't have to be square, but it is best to make them a consistent shape.

Product images on the collection page and home page

A consistent aspect ratio, or or height-to-width ratio will make the products on your collection and home pages look much neater. Shopify have a great little video which explains this concept brilliantly! 

Slideshow and Banner images

We generally recommend using images between 1200px and 1800px wide in your slideshow. It's really important that all your slideshow images are the same height to avoid the appearance of the screen "jumping" when changing slides.

Our most commonly asked question for slideshow images is "can I make the image smaller, it takes up too much space on the page". This is down to the shape / aspect ratio of the image. A letterbox shaped slideshow image will take up less screen space than a square one.

Finding and creating good images 

The following links may help you to find and create good images.

Looking for royalty free photos or graphics? Try here:

Stock Images

Some useful Shopify blog articles:

Recommended image sizes in our themes 


Home page header image recommended size:
You can have any size that suits your store, but as a guide, 1600px wide is a good width for most, and any height that suits you!

Examples from our demo stores:
Cloudbreak: 2048 x 1152px
Driftwood: 1600 x 500px

Product image recommended size:
1024 x 1024px

Examples from our demo stores:
Season demo : 1000 x 667px
Swimclub demo : 600 x 900px

Slideshow recommended size:
1024 x 600px

Examples from our demo stores:
Driftwood demo: 1024 x 682px
Swimclub demo: 1306 x 950px


Home page slideshow recommended size: 

At least 1200px wide, ideally around 1800px. The slideshow images can be any height but to avoid screen "jumping" please try to keep all slideshow images the same height.

Examples from our demo stores:
Kiln: 1500 x 800px
Elda: 1724 x 800px

Promotional grid : No recommended size. These images react dynamically depending on the device / screen size and your choice of theme settings. so they will always display beautifully.

Elda promotional grid (left to right, reading order):
600 x 600px
800 x 483px
768 x 768px
800 x 532px
800 x 532px
800 x 532px

Thread promotional grid (left to right, reading order):
1308 x 872px
646 x 872px
1724 x 762px

Promotional Full Width Image: Suggested minimum width 1800px.

Product images recommended size:
Minimum shortest side length of 1000px

Examples from our demo stores:
Kiln: 1445 x 951px
Thread: 682 x 1024px


Home page slideshow slides recommended size:

We recommend the image size 630px x 305px when the slideshow is beside a right-hand featured image or 960px x 305px when it is full-width. Your images can be greater or less than 305px high as in our demo stores - the important point is that the slideshow and featured image are a consistent size.

Examples from our demo stores:

Innovate: 1920 x 1200px (slideshow only)
Naturale: 1260 x 610px(slideshow), 610 x 610px (home page featured image)
Oxford: 1260 x 840px (slideshow), 610 x 840px (home page featured image)

Product images recommended size:
Any size that suits your store, but keep the aspect ratio consistent.  1024 x 1024px

Examples from our demo stores:
Ocean: 400 x 600px
Oxford: 600 x 400px

Sidebar featured image recommended size:
225 x 165px

Examples from our demo stores:
Naturale: 225 x 178px
Oxford: 450 x 283px


Home page slideshow slides 

Example from our demo stores:

Coyote: 2048 x 1365px
Dragonfly2000 x 1125px


Background images are very important in our Showcase theme and are particularly tricky on responsive sites. We've written this blog article to explain more. 

Product images recommended size:
Any size that looks good, but as a guide 2048 x 1365px (6:4 ratio)

Examples from our demo stores:
Betty, Beard: 2000 x 1333px


Home page slideshow slide recommended size:
1200px minimum width and a consistent height.

Examples from our demo stores:
Beatnik: 1800 x 700px
Duke: 2000 x 1378px
Chantilly: 1800 x 550px

Home page banner recommended size:
1200 x 400px

Examples from our demo stores:
Beatnik: 2409 x 833px
Salt Yard: 2048 x 817px

Product images recommended size:
1024 x 1024px 

You can have any size that suits your store, but do try to use images with the same aspect ratio as this will make your store look much neater. Jpeg quality isn't too important as Shopify re-compresses them for each of the scaled-down images shown throughout the shop. 

Examples from our demo stores:
Salt Yard: 600 x 900px
Duke: 712 x 1024px
Chantilly: 480 x 480px


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