How to set up a mega menu in Canopy

How to set up a mega menu in Canopy

In our Canopy theme, you can create a full-width dropdown menu with headings. We call it a mega menu. You may have seen it in our demo store:

You don't need to touch any code, or even change any theme settings, to get a menu to show like this. It is all down to how your main menu is set up.

Note: This article applies to stores using Nested Navigation and a copy of the theme installed after 9th January 2018

The theme switches a dropdown menu into full-width mode when every link inside a dropdown also has a dropdown.

Let's take a look at our demo store's setup:

You can see here (by the little arrows) that "Shop" is a dropdown, and each link inside "Shop" is also a dropdown. "Collections" contains a list of links, as does "Best Sellers" and "Clearance".

It's worth noting that if you don't want the titles (Collections, Best Sellers, Clearance) to link through to anywhere just use the link "#".

A nice thing about this being down to how the menus are set up, and not to do with any theme settings, is that you can set up as many mega menus as you like!

Will Broderick
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