What's included with my theme purchase?

What's included with my theme purchase?

What do I get if I buy your theme?


If you buy one of our themes, you are licensed to use that theme on a single storefront for as long as want. You have no commitment to stay with our theme or make any ongoing payments.

You have full, unrestricted access to contact our support team by email - we are online every weekday from 09:00-17:00 GMT answering your queries, and we try hard to reply to everyone within 24 hours.

You are entitled to free updates to the theme for the lifetime of that theme. We regularly release updates, patches and tweaks to all of our themes to keep them optimised for new devices and browsers, and to implement new Shopify features.

You can also access our development team for paid-for customisations - please enquire for our current availability and rates.

We are unable to provide free custom code or support for any third party code (including apps, which are supported by their own developers.) 


What does it cost me?

The theme price is a one-off payment, charged directly by Shopify, the amount of which is shown on the theme store page. There are no ongoing costs or monthly charges for using your theme.


Can I ask a question before I buy from you?

Yes absolutely! We welcome pre-sales enquiries. Don't forget, you can trial the theme on your own storefront for as long as you want without any commitment to buy the theme.

Just click the 'Preview on your store' button on the theme store page for the theme you are interested in, you might find seeing first hand what's included makes things clearer than any question we could answer.


Why can't you help me with my custom code?

Developing a theme is a big investment for us, representing many months of design, development and testing by our whole team - and that's before even contemplating the investment we make in keeping our themes up to date.

Bearing in mind Shopify keeps a percentage of every theme sale, the actual money we receive is only a small contribution towards the cost of development and support. 


Why can't you help me with my app issue?

There are fewer than 100 themes on the Shopify theme store, whereas there are many thousands of apps, and the roster changes almost daily. All themes work - at a very base level - in largely consistent ways, whereas apps can be as different as birds and aeroplanes. As such, it would be utterly impossible for us to maintain compatibility with any app ever released for any purpose.

If that weren't reason enough, in almost all cases we can't access the app code at all, so we're completely unable to edit any app behaviour that might be interfering with your theme.

For these reasons, Shopify places the responsibility for all app support, including compatibility issues with your app, firmly with the app developers.

Suzie Swift
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