Cleanthemes team has some of the best themes in the Shopify store, and their support is equally great. - Deepak


Absolutely amazing theme that is easy to customize if needed. The customer support is also always amazing. We've had this theme for 6 months now and couldn't be happier.


A world class theme by a world class team supported by a world class service.


Super super theme! Very helpful team. A lot of options to chose from in the menu. We absolutely love it! 


Love this theme and have gotten amazing customer feedback on it. Great support, too, which is essential for a non-techie like me. Would highly recommend!


Awesome minimal theme with lots of possibilities. AMAZING support team, always ready to help and fix, very happy with the purchase!

Soko Glam

Beautiful streamlined theme and most importantly, excellent customer service. We get compliments on our site all the time. Thank you Clean Themes!
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