To use custom Google Web Fonts, go to and pick your font.

Pick a font

Click on the "Quick Use" QuickUse Option button.

Choose the styles that you want, including bold or italics if you would like those too.

Select a style

Next, select the standard code for the font.

What to look when adding google fonts

When you copy the code you will end up with the full URL, but you only need to enter the font part into your Theme Settings.

For example, Montserrat:400,700

Finally, select 'Custom' and the template will do the rest.

ThemeSettings for Google Fonts

If you are using a font with spaces in the name, such as Shadows Into Light Two, your settings will need to look something like this:

ThemeSettings for Google Fonts 2

Remember that if you choose a font without an italic or bold option, but include italic and bold text in your store, the browser you use will have to simulate the italic or bold version of the font. This could mean that the results differ depending on the browser used to view your store.

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