The ability to change and update your store front easily is part of what makes the Shopify platform so appealing! Our professionally designed themes include comprehensive theme settings allowing you to transform your online shop window as often as you like. 

Code changes

It is possible for those with coding experience to go beyond the built in options and make further code changes to the theme. The Shopify discussion forums and online support guides can help you to do this, but please don't rely on these as step by step guides. Our premium themes have been built by experienced Shopify developers and often include additional features and more advanced coding.

The Clean Themes team can provide help with theme settings and anything included in the original theme. However, we are not able to help with custom coding changes as part of our free support. Should you wish to change your theme code, there are lots of experienced Shopify developers, including our team, available for hire.


Remember, if you do wish to change theme code there are several ways to ensure you still have a copy of your original code as a backup. Shopify provides version control on Template, Section, Snippet and Layout files. You can also export the theme or make a duplicate copy. Previous purchasers of the theme can download the latest version of the theme code from the theme store for free as long as they use the same Shopify account. This Shopify article explains the process.

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