Alchemy Theme

The latest versions of our Alchemy theme support Sections so the layout of the theme settings might appear quite different if you are upgrading. Please see this Shopify article for an introduction to working with sections.


Can my header image be a slideshow?

Yes, the entire full screen width header section is a slideshow. You can also add constrained-width slideshows elsewhere into your homepage.

Can the product images fit the width of the screen ?

No, the theme was not designed for that, you would need to hire a developer to custom write code for your store.

Can I change the Shopify and Clean Themes text in the footer?

Yes, you can change static text labels in your store in the Language Editor

Can I shorten blog articles on my homepage?

Yes, create a summary by clicking on the Add Excerpt link below your blog article content.

What size should my images be?

This article explains more about image sizing in our themes.

Can I add other fonts?

Yes, but you will need to hire a developer to add other typefaces to your store.

Where are my product page settings?

Navigate to your product detail page to see the section settings. Other product settings that apply across your store can be found under the general theme settings tab.

How do I change "Add to cart" to "Buy" ?

You can change nearly all text labels in your store by going to Online Store → Themes → Actions → Edit languages

Can I add a contact form ?

Yes. This will send an email containing the contact information to the store's owner. To use it, create a normal page, like you would for an About Us page, for your contact form. After creating and saving this page, you will see a new drop down appear to allow you to select the contact template for this page. 

Does it support Instagram?

Yes absolutely, the theme includes a dedicated homepage Instagram section.

Alchemy Theme Settings

Our documentation is for the latest theme versions - 2.0 and above. Should you need guidance with an earlier version, please send us a support request via the contact form.

General Theme Settings

Theme Styles

Our Alchemy theme includes in 4 styles - Swim Club, Cloud Break, Driftwood, Seasons

These demo stores aim to illustrate the variety of looks possible with the theme. Choose your theme style in the Theme Settings tab. The style settings will affect cross store elements such as your fonts, cart behavior, and social media icons. Applying a theme style will overwrite any existing settings in your Theme Settings tab. Your section specific settings won't be affected.

More information about theme styles can be found in this Shopify article.

Static Sections

Header section

The theme includes a fixed 'Shop' link that appears next to your cart and search icons in the docked header. You can change both the text and target of this link with the Quick Link settings


The fixed large header slideshow allows you to add up to five high quality images to display in succession on your homepage, together with up to two lines of overlay text and a call to action button. Choose the height of the slideshow or use the fit image option should you prefer to show the full image on all screen sizes.

Footer section

There aren't any settings for the 'Clean Themes' / 'Shopify' messages, however you can easily edit these or remove them altogether in your language editor.

Dynamic Homepage Sections

Featured collection

Choose a predominant aspect ratio for your product images to produce a nice clean even grid layout for your homepage products: Portrait, Landscape, Square


Add blocks of images in a number of different arrangements, but be sure to select a layout that makes sense! i.e. add 2 images set to half width, four at quarter width, one one third and one two thirds, etc.

Context Sensitive Sections

Some theme settings won't show until you're on the page in the theme editor preview window to which they relate - product, collection, article and blog settings all fall into this category.

In the Alchemy theme each page type can have a specific header image which will be shown on all pages of that specific type.

Collection page

You can specify the number of products to show per row and the predominate aspect ratio for your product images

Product page

Choose from a full page or two-column layout for your product pages


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