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These settings apply to themes released between December 2015 - versions 1.3.0 and 2.0.0 For help with version 2.0 and above, please get in touch via our contact form.


For a quick way to get started with your Alchemy theme settings, select a preset matching one of our four demo stores. Remember, applying a preset to your theme will overwrite your current theme settings.


Use the Alchemy theme settings to choose colors for backgrounds, your store name, navigation and buttons. To ensure text always remains legible, the theme includes separate color settings for pages with background header images.

Alternate coloring

These colors are used under product thumbnail blocks on the collection and home page and in blog excerpts on the home page.

Page header

Page headers in the Alchemy theme can have no background, a plain colored background or use a background image. You can use a combination of images and / or colors for your headers. A common approach is to use an image for your home page header and flat colors for the rest of your store. 

Social icon colours

Select the icon color and background color for your social icons. Alternatively if you prefer to use the social providers' own brand colors then select the option use brand colors


Customize text in your store by choosing from 25 handpicked fonts.


Set up your dropdown navigation by following Shopify's guide here. If you have a lot of links you may find it useful to collapse second-tier dropdowns.



Choose to show your store name as text or select use custom logo to use a logo image. Settings supporting two logo images provide support for pages both with and without background header images.

Use the custom logo width setting to enter your logo width. If you wish your logo to look sharp on high- dpi screens then enter a value that is half the actual width of your logo. 


When using background header images, the setting show shadow along bottom can be used to provide better separation between the image and the rest of the page. Use the style setting to determine the way the background header image should be applied.

The hide on small screens setting allows you to hide background header images on small screens to reveal the colors chosen in the page header color settings.

Header images

Select and set a height for header images for your home page, collection and search pages, product page, blogs and articles, cart page and customer account pages.

The all other pages image acts as a default for the other pages, but excludes the checkout.

If you would like to have a different header image for each collection, enable the advanced: handle-specific collection headers option. Images for this method must be uploaded in your Files page. You can get to this by clicking Settings in the Admin sidebar, then Files.

File naming is important for this method. You will need to change the name of the jpg background image file before you upload it to 'collection-header-[handle].jpg'. The naming convention is the word 'collection', followed by a hyphen '-', then the word 'header', followed by one more hyphen and finally, the handle of the collection. Remember to upload a file for every collection on your store, including the standard Shopify all collection to avoid missing-file errors.

Parallax header backgrounds are used on desktop.

Home page


Choose your home page sections and their order. 

Page header text overlay

Use this setting to show text over the top of the home page header image.

Home page - slideshow

Add up to 5 slides with alt text, links, and, if desired, a text to overlay each slide image too. The recommended image size is 1024px wide x 600 px high. 

Looking for royalty free stock photos? Try here:

Stock Images

Select to display 1 (full width), 2 (half width) or 4 (quarter width) images to display as adverts to promote your current offerings. Link them to any page you like, and show overlay text too.

Home page - products

Up to 50 products can be displayed on your storefront. Choose the collection and the number of products to show per row

Home page - blog

Run your own blog? Show the latest 2 articles on your homepage. The setting show article image above title will show the blog article featured image, or if there isn't one, the first image in the article excerpt will be displayed.

Home page - content 1 and 2

This setting enables you to display pages of content on your home page. Create a page with video, text or images then simply select your new page to show it on your store front.

This Shopify article explains how to add a video to your pages in a responsive manner, so that it works perfectly on all device sizes.

Product page

Choose whether to show vendor name on the product page. Set the maximum size for the main image and decide whether to enable the image lightbox. 

Related products

Choose to show products from the same collection on the product page.

Related products feature not included in versions 1.3.0 to 1.3.2. inclusive (January-June 2016)

Collection page

Select the number of products to show per row and choose the predominant product image aspect ratio.

The Alchemy Shopify theme allows for different sized images - for a consistent look, you should aim to use the same aspect ratio for all your product images. Keep them all square, portrait or landscape if you're after a uniform presentation.

Blog page

Choose whether to show your article featured image on the blog article page

Cart page

There are two choices for the cart type which control what happens after the customer has added a product to their cart.

  • page - the customer is taken directly to the cart page
  • drawer - a dropdown appears at the top of the page listing the items in the cart.*

* Please note the drawer option will not work when you are viewing the theme through the Theme Editor. This option may also be referred to as an AJAX add to cart.

Select whether to show a terms and conditions checkbox and link through to the relevant page.

Should you wish customers to be able to add a note to their order then select the option enable order notes.

Social media

Use this section to enter social media links and show social media icons in the header and footer. Show larger icons using the icon size settings.


The theme includes Shopify's multi-currency functionality. Be sure to add in the required span class to your money formats following these instructions.

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