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How do I set up my menus?

Read this blog article to find out more. For our mega menus, please see here.
IMPORTANT: If you have updated to the new Nested Navigation, only the Main menu and Footer menus are used to set up your navigation and dropdowns, your old menus will no longer have any affect on this.

Does the theme include a newsletter sign up?

Yes, you can collect customer emails into your admin using a sign up box. This theme has a row for the homepage, and an option to show the signup in the footer. We'd recommend using Mailchimp and the free app to gather your sign ups into a marketing platform.

Can I change the payment icons?

Payment icons are pulled directly from Shopify based on your payment settings. You can change these (although we wouldn't advise it!), by hiring a Shopify Expert.

Can I shorten blog articles on my homepage?

Yes, create a summary by clicking on the Add Excerpt link below your blog article content.

What size should my images be?

This article explains more about image sizing in our themes.

Where are my product / collection / blog page settings?

Navigate to your product detail page to see the section settings. Other product settings that apply across your store can be found under the general theme settings tab.

How do I change "Add to cart" to "Buy now"?

You can change static text labels in your store in the Language Editor

Can I create a page that lists out just some of my collections? 

Yes, this article explains how to create your own collection listing pages.

Can I remove the Shopify and Clean Themes text in the footer?

Yes, you can change static text labels in your store in the Language Editor

Boost Theme Settings


Tip: Mega Menu creation

To make mega dropdowns, like the one in this demo store, you need to create Nested Navigation as follows.

Under the menu item you'd like the mega menu to dropdown from, add as many title links as you like. Each of these title links must then have their own items nested inside for the dropdown menu to turn into a mega  dropdown menu 

Mega menu setup Boost theme Shopify

    You mega menu will auto-magically be created with the above setup :)

    Tip: Color swatches for products

    Click here for an example.
    You can add color swatches to your products that display like this:

    To show swatches:

    • Go to your theme customise page and click the 'Theme settings' tab on the left
    • Click the 'Products' section
    • At the bottom, enable swatches and type the option name for your color variants

    Now, head over to a product and for each of your color variants, give them an exact name from this list.

    That's it! The colors will automatically show as swatches in your store :)


    Tip: Shopify product reviews

    The theme includes built in code to support Shopify product reviews ( on the home page, product page and collection page.

    General Theme Settings

    Theme Styles

    The Boost theme is available in 3 styles. Choose your theme style in the Theme Settings tab. Applying a theme style will overwrite any existing settings in your Theme Settings tab and will affect cross store elements such as your fonts, cart behavior, and social media icons. Your section specific settings won't be affected.

    More information about theme styles can be found in this Shopify article

    Enable quick-buy allows shoppers to add items to the cart directly from a collection page or the homepage. 


    Choose whether to search only products or also include page content and blog articles.


    To show a slide out cart drawer summary, choose the option drawer.


    Allow customers to choose another currency to view prices in your stores. Note, customers will always have to checkout in your store's base currency.

    Static Sections

    Header Section


    The Boost theme has separate options for a desktop and mobile logo - use this if you want to use a different logo on mobile devices. 

    Upload a double-sized logo image, and enter half of its width (in pixels) above, to show super-sharp on retina screens.


    The Boost theme includes the option for both standard drop down navigation and full width mega menu. Create dropdown menus in your store following the usual Shopify method explained here.

    The standard dropdown menu supports three menu tiers and can be split across multiple columns if you have lots of links.

    The theme switches the menu into full-width mode when every link inside a dropdown also has a dropdown.

    Announcement bar

    Add an announcement bar at the top of your Boost Shopify theme site, to promote your latest offers - add a link to a specific product or offer page too.


    You can add store messages, up to 3, that sit under the main menu bar.

    Dynamic home page sections

      Choose to show blog posts, products, collections, images, text, videos, slideshows, a map, and Instagram feeds on your homepage in any order you like.

      Context sensitive sections

      These sections are shown based on the page you are currently viewing in the theme editor.

      Collection pages

      Collection feature header

      The Boost theme includes the option to show your collection featured image and a featured product, as a stand-out row on the first page of your collections.


      Product tags can be added to products to help customers filter the products on a collection page. 

      Check the show 'sort by' dropdown setting if you wish to display the 'sort by' dropdown. The 'featured' sort order is the 'manual' option if you have chosen to sort your collections manually in Admin → Products → Collections. There is no need to show the 'featured' sort order if you have not sorted your collection manually.

      Collection list and Custom collection list

      Header Style

      The collection listing pages have the same choice of styling options as a standard collections page. 

      To add in text or an image to the header of your custom collections listing page add your text and image to the page content. These will be displayed in the header using the style chosen above.

      Product pages

      Check the enable image zoom setting to use a product zoom on larger screen sizes. Please note the theme cannot enlarge images, so they will be shown at their original maximum size in the product zoom. The image zoom is not designed to operate on mobile screen sizes.

      Product options can be shown as boxes or dropdowns.  Boxes will only show an unavailable state (crossed-out) when there is only one option (e.g. size, or color). When there is more than one (eg size AND color), it will not do this.

      Blog pages

      The Boost theme auto-magically shows products in your articles, blog page and homepage blog section, as soon as you add links to products anywhere in your blog article content. 

      Don't forget to create article excerpts too.

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