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Theme Styles

The Boost theme is available in 3 styles. Choose your theme style in the Theme Settings tab. Applying a theme style will overwrite any existing settings in your Theme Settings tab and will affect cross store elements such as your fonts, cart behavior, and social media icons. Your section specific settings won't be affected.


Set a radius if you would like rounded corners for images, buttons and overlays.


Choose whether to show a secondary image on hover for your products

Enable quick buy on grid, product labels or the dynamic checkout button. 

Enable swatches in your store by typing the option name for your color variants e.g. Color. Then choose your swatch source to be either CSS color or uploaded images.

For the CSS color method, go to a product in your Admin and ensure each of your color variants has an exact name from this list. Your swatch colors will then be shown automatically.

For the uploaded images method, you'll need to create a small png file for each color, 40px x 40px is a good size. The name of the png file must match the "handle-ized" version of the variant name. This means you should use only lowercase letters, replace any spaces with a dash and remove any special characters: for example, the color Coral Red would require a file named coral-red.png , the color Waldgrün would require a file named waldgrun.png , the color blue-green would require a file named blue-green.png . Next, go to the theme code files (Actions > Edit code) open up the Assets folder and click on Add a new asset to upload your swatch image files. 

If you only have one color available, swatches will not be shown on the collection page.

The uploaded images method for swatches is only available from Boost theme version 1.1.6.

Due to the requirement to add new asset files, you will need to buy the theme before you can upload color swatch images using the uploaded images method.


To stay on the same page after clicking add to cart and show a slide out cart drawer summary, choose the option drawer.


Choose whether to search only products or also include page content and blog articles.


Allow customers to choose another currency to view prices in your stores. Note, customers will always have to checkout in your store's base currency.

Static Sections

Header Section


The Boost theme has separate options for a desktop and mobile logo - use this if you want to use a different logo on mobile devices. 

Upload a double-sized logo image, and enter half of its width (in pixels) above, to show super-sharp on retina screens.

Announcement bar

Add an announcement bar at the top of your Boost Shopify theme site, to promote your latest offers - add a link to a specific product or offer page too.


The Boost theme supports both a standard 3 tier drop down navigation and full-width mega menu. The theme switches the menu into full-width mode when every link inside a dropdown also has a dropdown. Create menus in your store following the usual Shopify method explained here.

Store messages

You can add store messages, up to 3, that sit under the main menu bar.


Keep an 'always open' prominent header search bar on desktop using the setting Show open search bar.

Menu promotion

Show promotional images in your desktop menu. Just enter the menu link title (e.g. Shop) then choose the imagelink and text to display. Only one menu image can be added per top level menu link.

Footer Section

The primary menu can show menus up to two levels deep. Sub-menus will be shown in columns under the top level link. The secondary menu does not support sub-menus.  Links will be shown as a single line next to the payment icons. 

Dynamic home page sections

Home page sections can be added, hidden or re-arranged to best fit your store. Choose to show blog posts, products, collections, images, text, videos, slideshows, a map, your instagram feed on your homepage in any order you like. 

Get the look

Group together up to 3 products from different collections in a special "Get the look" home page section.

Product labels

Add and position product labels directly onto your images in the slideshowfull width imagesplit image, and promotional collection home page sections.  

Set the horizontal and vertical position for the product label. Choose a transparent or coloured background. Be sure to test the results on different screen sizes.

Product labels in the Boost theme

Context sensitive sections

These sections are shown based on the page you are currently viewing in the theme editor.

Collection pages

Feature header settings

Choose a standard or feature header layout for collection pages. The feature header includes the option to select a featured product to show in the header as a stand-out row on the first page of your collection.

You will need to be viewing the selected collection in the Theme Editor to see the featured header.When using the feature header layout, use the same background color for a given collection across your store for consistent branding.


Product tags can be added to products to help customers filter the products on a collection page. You can also create two specific filters using tag groups.

Collections list

Choose a grid or magazine layout.

Product pages

Choose the description position (separate row, above or below the cart button) and use tabs and a size chart to make it easier for customers to understand your products. 

Recently viewed and related products from the same collection can be shown at the bottom of the product page.  Recently viewed product images will appear smaller than related products. 

Blog pages

The Boost theme shows products in your articles, blog page and homepage blog section, as soon as you add links to products anywhere in your blog article content. Simply add links within your blog article to any number of products in your store to have them display in the blog section on your homepage and in your blog and article pages. See example on our demo store.

Show products in your blog using links

Magazine layout

Choose to show some blogs in a magazine layout. You will need to be viewing the selected blog to see the result.

Don't forget to create article excerpts too.


Tip: Collection background colors

The Boost theme includes the option to select a background color for a collection in the home page promotional collection, collection page featured header and the collections listing page. Remember to choose the same background color for a given collection to build a consistent brand feel for the collection across your store.

Tip: Mega Menu creation

To make mega dropdowns, like the one in this demo store, you need to create Nested Navigation as follows.

Under the menu item you'd like the mega menu to dropdown from, add as many title links as you like. Each of these title links must then have their own items nested inside for the dropdown menu to turn into a mega  dropdown menu 

Mega menu setup Boost theme Shopify

You mega menu will auto-magically be created with the above setup :)

Tip: Shopify product reviews

The theme includes built in code to support Shopify product reviews ( on the home page, product pages and collection pages.

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