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How do I get the latest theme version to see the new features?

Previous purchasers can get a FREE download of the latest theme version for the same store for which it was bought. This Shopify article explains more.

How do I set up my full width mega menus?

If you have just bought the theme or downloaded a fresh copy then the method has changed! Read this blog article to find out more. Should you have trouble with your menus after migrating to the new nested navigation - please reach out to our support team.

How do I create a story page?

Create a new page using the page.story template then head into the theme editor to add in your additional content to the page. You can see this in action on our Kiln demo store. 

Can I remove the Shopify and Clean Themes text in the footer?

Yes, you can change static text labels in your store in the Language Editor

Can I change the payment icons?

Payment icons are pulled directly from Shopify based on your payment settings.

How do I make my slideshow images smaller?

Our images will always scale horizontally to fill the width of your site, but you can alter the amount of screen your slideshow occupies by adjusting the relative height of your images. A portrait or square image results in a really tall slideshow. A thin letterbox image creates a compact slideshow. Don't forget to make your images consistent across all slides!

Does the theme include a newsletter sign up?

Yes, you can collect customer emails into your admin using a sign up box.

Can I shorten blog articles on my homepage?

Yes, create a summary by clicking on the Add Excerpt link below your blog article content.

What size should my images be?

This article explains more about image sizing in our themes.

Canopy Theme Settings

Our documentation is for the latest theme versions. Should you need guidance with an earlier version, please send us a support request via the contact form.


Tip: Full width images in text content

To allow an image to display wider than a central page column, add the word fullwidth to the end of the alt-text for that image. Don't worry - the word 'fullwidth' is stripped out by the theme, so it won't affect your SEO. This works in pages, blog articles and product descriptions (not in right hand column mode)

Tip: Shopify product reviews

The theme includes built in code to support Shopify product reviews on the home page, product page and collection page. This app is not compatible with infinite scroll.

General Theme Settings

Theme Styles

The Canopy theme is available in 3 styles - Elda, Thread and Kiln. Choose your theme style in the Theme Settings tab. Applying a theme style will overwrite any existing settings in your Theme Settings tab and will affect cross store elements such as your fonts, cart behavior, and social media icons. Your section specific settings won't be affected.

More information about theme styles can be found in this Shopify article


The button backgrounds/link text color is used extensively in the store, for button backgrounds, link text and product thumbnail labels such as "Sale" and "Quick buy". This makes it a great choice for your core brand accent color. On hover the color will become lighter to provide user feedback.

Be sure to check that your text is legible against the button background. For emphasis, the "Update Cart" button on the cart page uses a reverse color palette. 

The Canopy theme includes the option for a site border. If you don't want to have a visible site border, then set this color to be the same as your store background

Choose a transparent color for the homepage row dividers and the space between your homepage sections will be reduced.

Product Grid

The Canopy theme supports product labels on the home and collection pages.

There is only room for one to show at a time, so there is a priority in which these are shown.

  1. Sale - shows if a product's compare at price is set higher than its actual price.
  2. X left in stock - only for items with a single variant
  3. Sold out - shows when Shopify manages the inventory and customers cannot purchase out of stock items
  4. Custom - choose your own text by giving your product a tag in the format: meta-label-YOUR LABEL TEXT! That's 'meta-label-' and your label text. Note that the text cannot contain a comma. Spaces, capitals, exclamation marks, etc, are all fine!

So if the 'Sale' label is shown, this takes priority over all other labels.

Enable quick-buy allows shoppers to add items to the cart directly from a collection page or the homepage. 


Choose whether to search only products or also include page content and blog articles.


To show a slide out cart drawer summary, choose the option drawer and select the option Enable sidebar cart summary.


Allow customers to choose another currency to view prices in your stores. 

Static Sections

Header Section


The Canopy theme includes four different header layout options, logo in the middlelogo on the leftlogo in the navigation and mobile navigation style on desktop

Your logo can be an image or simply your store name. 

Upload a double-sized logo image, and enter half of its width (in pixels), to show super-sharp.


The Canopy theme includes the option for a standard drop down navigation or full width mega menu. Create dropdown menus in your store following the usual Shopify method explained here.

The standard dropdown menu supports three menu tiers and can be split across multiple columns if you have lots of links.

Canopy theme - standard drop down menu

The theme switches the menu into full-width mode when every link inside a dropdown also has a dropdown. You can even show collection and product images.

Kiln Canopy demo store - full width menu

Footer Section

The Canopy theme offers a choice of a simple horizontal or a columns based footer layout. The columns footer (shown below) allows you to show additional columns of links in your footer and an image.

Kiln - Columns footer layout

Dynamic home page sections

    Choose to show blog posts, products, collections, images, text, videos, slideshows, a map, and Instagram feeds on your homepage in any order you like.

    Gallery section

    Up to 20 images can be added to each gallery section. Set the maximum number of images per row. Choose different image shapes to create a collage effect as shown on our demo stores.

    Featured product

    Buy direct from the home page using a Featured product section

    Context sensitive sections

    These sections are shown based on the page you are currently viewing in the theme editor.

    Collection pages

    Collection header style

    The Canopy theme includes the option for 4 different collection header styles:

    • Banner fit
      The featured image spans the page width, sitting above the title and description.
    • Banner wide
      The featured image spans the browser width, sitting above the title and description.
    • Color background
      The featured image is shown beside the title and description, sitting on a single colour background.
    • No image
      The featured image is not shown. Only the title and description.

    Choose the show collection sidebar option to show an additional menu on all collection pages on desktop. The same sidebar menu is shown for all collections.

    Two menu tiers are supported for the sidebar menu (from version 2.8).  In earlier versions, create headings by adding links to a web address with the value #heading.

    Create a page containing images and/or text for display in your sidebar under the menu.


    Product tags can be added to products to help customers to filter the products on a collection page. Choose between boxes and dropdowns for your tag filter style.

    Check the show 'sort by' dropdown setting if you wish to display the 'sort by' dropdown. The 'featured' sort order is the 'manual' option if you have chosen to sort your collections manually in Admin → Products → Collections. There is no need to show the 'featured' sort order if you have not sorted your collection manually.

    Collection list and Custom collection list

    Header Style

    The collection listing pages have the same choice of styling options as a standard collections page. 

    Product pages

    Check the enable image zoom setting to use a product zoom on larger screen sizes. Please note the theme cannot enlarge images, so they will be shown at their original maximum size in the product zoom. The image zoom is not designed to operate on mobile screen sizes.

    Product options can be shown as boxes or dropdowns. With the box layout, unavailable options (where all variants with that option are unavailable) will be shown as crossed out.

    Blog pages

    Elda blog layout - Canopy theme for Shopify

    The Canopy theme offers a number of different flexible article layout choices; full width, tiles in rows and tiles in columns. Navigate to your blog page in the Theme Editor to find these options and choose your preferred layout. Don't forget to create article excerpts too.

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