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How do I get the latest theme version?

Previous purchasers can get a FREE download of the latest theme version for the same store for which it was bought. This Shopify article explains more. Versions released from 14th March 2018 include 6 new home page section types including a collection listing row and map row. 

Why do some products have a 'Purchase' button while others show 'More info'?

If a product only has one option, it can be bought directly from your homepage or collection pages. To disable this, so that the shopper always visits your full product page, de-select the Show 'purchase' button setting which you'll find in your Product Grid settings.

Can I show blog posts on my homepage?

Yes, you can show them in your sidebar or, in versions released after 14th March 2018, in a row on your homepage.

What size should my images be?

This article explains more about image sizing in our themes.

How do I edit the right hand sidebar?

The right hand sidebar is shown on pages other than the homepage.  Please navigate to a standard page, your blog or contact page and then you'll see the right hand sidebar appear in your sections menu.

How do I make my slideshow images smaller?

Our images will always scale horizontally to fill the width of your site, but you can alter the amount of screen your slideshow occupies by adjusting the relative height of your images. A portrait or square image results in a really tall slideshow. A thin letterbox image creates a compact slideshow. Don't forget to make your images consistent across all slides!

How do I get my slideshow full width?

You just need to remove the companion content image in your theme settings.

Can I add other fonts?

Yes, but you will need to hire a developer to add other typefaces to your store.

Where are my product page settings?

Navigate to your product detail page to see the section settings. Other product settings that apply across your store can be found under the general theme settings tab.

Expression Theme Settings

Our documentation is for the latest theme versions - 4.3 and above. Should you need guidance with an earlier version, please send us a support request via the contact form.

General Settings

Theme Styles

Our Expression theme includes in 4 styles - Innovate, Oxford, Naturale and Ocean

These demo stores aim to illustrate the variety of looks possible with the theme. Choose your theme style in the Theme Settings tab. The style settings will affect cross store elements such as your fonts, cart behavior, and social media icons. Applying a theme style will overwrite any existing settings in your Theme Settings tab. Your section specific settings won't be affected.

More information about theme styles can be found in this Shopify article

Product grid

Check the Use image rollover option to show your second product image when a user hovers over it

Display a small extract of your product descriptions using the Show text description under thumbnails option

If your products have a single variant, you can enable your shoppers to buy them directly from your homepage or collection pages by checking the Show 'purchase' button option

Choose whether to show a product sale icon when items with inventory managed by Shopify our out of stock

Static Sections

Header section

If you have a lot of menu items, you can free up some extra space by using the show search/cart info above navigation row option to move your search box into your header

The 'Login' link is controlled by whether customer accounts are active on your Store, however you can check show 'Register' link in header to add a 'Register' link if you have the Login enabled

Use the announcement bar to publicize discounts or new products


You can display a full-width slideshow (see Ocean), or a reduced width slideshow plus a single, still image (see Oxford

The theme adjusts its layout automatically, simply add an image to Companion Content to use the reduced slideshow or remove the image to use the large-width layout


Add images, page content or blog posts to your home page sidebar. Note the home page sidebar is completely separate from the one that appears on your other pages

If you don't have any sidebar content, your sidebar will not appear and your products will show four per row

Footer section

There aren't any settings for the 'Clean Themes' / 'Shopify' messages, however you can easily edit these or remove them altogether in your language editor

Dynamic Home page Sections

Add products, collections, images, text or video blocks to build up your homepage content area as required. Note there are no limits to the number of collections you can add, but your performance will generally start to suffer if you exceed 50 products in total.

Use the map section to help customers to find your store and Instagram to build your social following. 

Context Sensitive Sections


The sidebar settings will appear on all pageblog, and article pages, please note this sidebar is SHARED, and changes you make to one will affect all the others. The homepage sidebar is completely separate

The shared page sidebar includes more options that the homepage one, offering the same features plus cart summary and featured product blocks

Product page

Expression allows you to choose between traditional drop-downs, or radio buttons for your product variants, and a text box or drop-down for your quantity picker.

Blog and article pages

With Expression, you can show products at the bottom of each page to keep visitors to your site browsing your products. Simply select a collection on either the blog index or blog articles pages (or both!)



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