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The latest versions of our Symmetry theme support Sections so the layout of the theme settings might appear quite different if you are upgrading. Please see this Shopify article for an introduction to working with sections.


How do I make my slideshow images smaller?

Our images will always scale horizontally to fill the width of your site, but you can alter the amount of screen your slideshow occupies by adjusting the relative height of your images. A portrait or square image results in a really tall slideshow. A thin letterbox image creates a compact slideshow. Don't forget to make your image sizes consistent across all the slides!

Can I shorten blog articles on my homepage?

Yes, create a summary by clicking on the Add Excerpt link below your blog article content.

How do I change "Add to cart" to "Buy now"?

You can change static text labels in your store in the Language Editor including the Clean Themes and Shopify links in the footer.

Can I display multiple currencies?

Yes, the currencies displayed can be specified in your theme settings. When using apps be sure to check there's no impact on your currency display.

Can I add other fonts?

Yes, but you will need to hire a developer to add other typefaces to your store.

Where are my product page settings?

Navigate to your product detail page to see the section settings. Other product settings that apply across your store can be found under the general theme settings tab.

What size should my images be?

This article explains more about image sizing in our themes.

Does the theme include a newsletter pop-up or image zoom?

Both of these can easily be achieved with apps, there are plenty of completely free options for pop-ups, and zoom apps appear to start around ~$2 per month. The advantage of an ongoing payment is that the app will be kept up to date, whereas anything we included natively in the theme would become out of date over time:

Can I create a page listing my collections? 

Yes, this article explains how to create your own collection listing pages.

Does the theme include a newsletter sign up?

Yes, you can collect customer emails using a sign up box on the home page and in the footer.

Symmetry Theme Settings

Our documentation is for the latest theme versions - 3.0 and above. Should you need guidance with an earlier version, please send us a support request via the contact form.

General Settings

Theme Styles

The Symmetry theme is available in 4 styles - Chantilly, Salt-Yard, Beatnik and Duke

These demo stores aim to illustrate the variety of looks possible with the theme. Choose your theme style in the Theme Settings tab. The style settings will affect cross store elements such as your fonts, cart behavior, and social media icons. Applying a theme style will overwrite any existing settings in your Theme Settings tab. Your section specific settings won't be affected.

More information about theme styles can be found in this Shopify article


Decide whether to show a full-width layout on the home page product and collection rows, header, footer, and collection pages. All our theme styles except Chantilly use the full-width layout.


For full-width sites, the number of product images shown per row will change dependent upon the browser width and your choice of image height setting. For product images of varying shapes, you may wish to use variable-width product thumbnails.

Enabling quick-buy allows shoppers to add items to the cart directly from a collection page or the homepage. 

Use the title and price position setting to choose whether to show product thumbnail title and price on hover or under the image. On smaller screens the title and price will always be shown under the image.

The Symmetry theme supports product icons or labels on the home and collection pages for on sale items, sold out items and items with a low inventory count. 

Symmetry theme - labels on product blocks - Shopify Theme by Clean Themes

There is only room for one to show at a time, so there is a priority in which these are shown.
  1. Sold out 
  2. Sale Shows if a product's compare at price is set higher than its actual price.
  3. X left in stock only for items with a single variant
  4. Custom Choose your own text by giving your product a tag in the format: meta-label-YOUR LABEL TEXT! That's 'meta-label-' and your label text. Note that the text cannot contain a comma. Spaces, capitals, exclamation marks, etc, are all fine!
So if the 'Sold out' label is shown, this takes priority over all other labels.

Static Sections

Header Section - Navigation

The theme has a multi-level horizontal bar design. It supports multiple menu tiers set up in the usual Shopify way. Upper menu levels open on click (not hover) and don't link. To help customers navigate around your collections quickly, the theme includes the option to automatically expand the navigation to the current page leaving the active menu tiers visible.

Tip: If some of your menu options are already expanded when you visit your homepage, this is just a simple set up issue - not a bug.  You won't need to alter any code to fix it. The likely problem here is that you have set the top menu items to link to your homepage. So when you visit the homepage, it intentionally expands these active items. You need to set each of these top-level menu items to link to web address # - the hash/pound symbol.

Should you wish to show your lower menu level links in vertical columns instead of a horizontal row, then you can do this by adding the word LISTED to the parent link name.
Listed menu settings

Cross page promos

Choose up to 4 of the available icons together with your own text and links to highlight your services and help customers to navigate your store. These will show in the promotional bar above the footer.   

Footer Section

Payment icons are pulled directly from Shopify based on your payment settings.

Footer text such as "Powered by Shopify" and "Theme by Clean Themes" can be edited in the Language Editor

Dynamic home page sections

Slideshow Section

We recommend using images that are the same height and at least 1200px wide, for a restricted width homepage, or, at least 1600px wide for full-width sites. This blog article explains more about image sizing.

Custom content section

You can add up to 5 blocks of custom content which can contain images, text, video or custom html. Choose the width of each block to create your perfect layout.

Caption text on Custom content row from Symmetry theme demo store

Context sensitive sections

These sections are shown based on the page you are currently viewing in the theme editor.

Collection pages

The Symmetry theme offers you the flexibility to choose how to organize your products on the collection page. Select a grid or a list layout. You can even leave the decision open to your customers by selecting show toggle for grid and list views.

You can also create two custom filters tag groups to help customers refine the products and find the item they are looking for quickly. Great for browsing large inventories.

Please note the tags in the tag group settings are case sensitive so be sure to check they match the tags used for your products.

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Please allow 24 hours for our response.

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