Variant image switching is a great new feature built right into Shopify, previously only available using an app or theme specific methods.

The feature is for when you have unique product options, such as color, material, or pattern - you can upload additional product images to represent each variant.

The good news is that the feature is free, and if not already included in your theme version, you can download a new version of the theme. If your theme uses a different method, you don't need to do anything, unless you want to change to this new built-in method.

Supported theme versions

Theme versions that have built-in support for the Shopify built-in variant image switching (see bottom of this page for version number checking):

  • Expression - 3.1 or later - released 16 July 2014
  • Clean - 2.4 to 2.5.6* - released 18 July 2014
  • Masonry - 1.7.15 or later - released 16 July 2014
  • Symmetry - 1.6.3 or later - released 18 July 2014
  • Alchemy - 1.0.6 or later - released 21 July 2014
  • Showcase - All versions
  • Canopy - All versions

If you have an earlier version of the theme, you can download the latest version from the theme store for free. Take care to install the new version as an unpublished theme as you will need to copy your customization settings over to the new version, not forgetting any custom code.

This article explains the process:

All our themes can be found here:

Shopify have written this article to help you set up your image switching:

A more general article explaining how to upgrade your theme is here:

Finding your theme version

To check your current theme version, open any page of your site in your browser, right click any blank area of the page and choose 'View page source'. Very near the top of the code displayed, you should see the theme version, which will look something like 

You can also view the theme version number by accessing your Themes page in store admin, click the three dots in the top right of the theme, then Edit HTML/CSS. This gets you into the Template Editor. Open the file called 'theme.liquid' and you'll see the version near the top.

* The Clean theme was retired from the theme store in July 2015 and is no longer available for purchase. Shopify retire older themes from time to time and this was one that was sadly on their list.

If you are the owner of a Clean Theme and need the latest version, please get in touch with our support desk for help.

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